Why should you care?

If you want to look after your health and beauty as well as your families and friends then you are in the right place. We are always researching for the most recent health products providing you with the best for you and your wellbeing.

You will find more than just products on our website, we want to share our personal experiences about health, beauty, alternative ways to feel better, meditation, yoga, recipes and much more.
We are always keen to learn more, if there is anything you find useful we would love you to share your experiences and helpful hints with us as well.

We want to keep in close contact with all of you so that we can learn from each other, please write to us, email or give us a call and share your opinions, experiences etc. with us.

Daniela Gelter

Dani is originally from Austria (county Styria) and loves everything about health, nature and beauty. She also loves meditation, Yoga, and reading.

Dani used to work as a PR-Manager, Event Manager, Marketing Manager and studied Marketing and Communications next to fulltime jobs in Austria. Her goal was always to move to the UK and work in the health industry.
So here we are now 🙂

Dani is the translator, marketing planner, researcher and writer of this website. It was because of health problems in our family and of our own, that we started on the path that has lead us to the products you find on our website. We are proud to have found these products and delighted that we are able to offer them to you. They help us to maintain our health every day and we hope you will love them in the same way we do. Nothing can hold us back – we want to find the best ever products for YOU.

James Price

James originally comes from the construction industry – yes – a completely different area but he has always had the feeling that there is something else he needs to be doing.

He attended the agricultural college in Warwick and always used to work at home. His parents had the first swimming pool for horses in the country. James loves nature and animals as well as good, healthy products. He is also an amazing cook and loves experimenting with food; he fell in love with our products and the goal of promoting health and beauty.

Created with your Health in Mind

Only the best is good enough and we promise that we only offer you the best products.

If you have any questions or enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@energyforliving.eu


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