Magnesium Flakes Help Improve Sleep

Magnesium Flakes Help Improve Sleep

Many of us suffer from sleep deprevation, whether from anxiety and stress, at certain times in our life or sometimes for no other reason than our bodies have got used to a lack or need for the recommended 6-8 hours.

But what if our lack of sleep is affecting us from functioning?  A medical clinician, Major Cormac Doyle, who is based in the UK and specialises in treating people with PTSD and anxiety explains how a natural mineral, Magnesium added to bath water, helped him:

As a clinical mental health nurse I find that in many cases patients referred to me report disturbed sleep patterns as one of the main symptoms they experience.  I came across Magnesium Flakes and decided after doing some reading and speaking with Danni from Energy for Living decided to try them myself.  I personally require very little sleep. Much to my surprise after using the Magnesium flakes in the bath I felt immediately relaxed and slept extremely well.

Conscious of the fact that that this could be a one off I used the flakes for one week and the improvement in sleep quality was amazing.

Magnesium Flakes Help with PTSD and Anxiety

After the improved sleep Cormac then decided to ask a client to try bathing in Magnesium flakes with immediate results.

My client who had significant sleep disturbance associated with PTSD and nightmares used the flakes in her bath.  At once she reported that she slept undisturbed. I had consciously not told her what to expect but did say that research had shown that Magnesium depletion was shown to be present in these with severe depression and anxiety.

Cormac also helped his daughter who had experienced a very traumatic child birth to try bathing in the flakes. For several days after surgery she had not slept and had become very restless. Her sleep improved and has continued to improve.

I now strongly recommend that anyone with sleep disturbance and high levels of anxiety use this as an alternative to prescription medication.

Major Cormac Doyle is a retired British Army medical clinican and now works in private practice.

Magnesium Flakes come in 3 fragrances and just need to be added to a warm bath and is priced at £12 + postage and are available to purchase through Energy for Living and can be shipped worldwide.  For more information please visit

DisclaimerThis article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This information is for educational purpose only. It is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease.

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