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Magnesium Oil Spray







Magnesium is crucial for virtually every cell in the body. Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation.



“Magnesium chloride is one of the best-kept secrets, not only in naturopathic medicine, but also in the world of allopathic medicine where it is used in emergency rooms to save lives.”
-Mark Sircus, Ac, OMD, author of “Transdermal Magnesium Therapy”


“Think of magnesium as the relaxation mineral. Anything that is tight, irritable, crampy, and stiff — whether it is a body part or an even a mood — is a sign of magnesium deficiency. This critical mineral is actually responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions and is found in all of your tissues — but mainly in your bones, muscles, and brain. You must have it for your cells to make energy, for many different chemical pumps to work, to stabilize membranes, and to help muscles relax.”

– Mark Hyman, MD, a nine-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator, and advocate in his field.

Symptoms of poor magnesium intake can include muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, and chronic pain.


Magnesium is important …

  • for healthy bones and teeth
  • for the heart and circulation
  • for blood pressure
  • for the metabolism
  • at spasms of muscles
  • for healthy skin
  • for joints
  • in osteoporosis
  • in pain- and migraine treatment
  • in menstruation and menopausal symptoms
  • for stress and sleep disorders
  • for weak immune systems
  • for depression and anxiety
  • if you are overweight
  • with diabetes
  • in the anti-aging therapy
  • with sports and high-performance sports
  • in health care

More about our Magnesium Oil Spray


Magnesium Oil is available in 100 ml spray bottles for direct application to the skin. The concentrated Magnesium Oil is a saturated 31-percent Magnesium chloride solution. It consists to 31 percent of magnesium chloride and 69 Percent of water.


How much fundamental magnesium contains 1ml Magnesium Oil?


The saturated 31 percent magnesium chloride solution has a density of 1.3 kg / liter, it is heavier than water.
1kg saturated magnesium chloride solution corresponds to 0.77 liters, containing 310 g of magnesium chloride.
1 liter contains 1.3 x 310 g = 403 g of magnesium chloride.
The molar mass / molecular weight of magnesium chloride is 95.2.
The molar mass / molecular weight of magnesium is 24.3.

1 ml saturated magnesium chloride solution thus contains:
403: 95.2 x 24.3 = 103 mg fundamental magnesium




1 ml saturated magnesium chloride solution contains 103 mg of pure magnesium. Depending on the lifting capacity of the spray bottle 5 to 20 strokes per spray application is recommended.
For example, 5 sprays correspond to 1 ml concentrated Magnesium Oil (31 percent), therefore 20 sprays are equivalent to a supply of 412 mg pure magnesium.




For the daily dose of Magnesium, it is sprayed directly onto the skin and gently massaged in. Normally you spray 5 to 20 strokes in the morning and in the evening to the skin, depending on the concentration of the solution and supplies, rubbing it gently into the skin.


Experience shows that for everyday use, arms and shoulders are best suitable. But it can also be applied to thighs, legs or abdomen. Also applying in the armpits has proven itself. Here Magnesium Oil acts as a deodorant.


Those who apply Magnesium Oil for the first time, should start low and increase the dose slowly so that the skin gets used to it. At first, it may cause a slight tingling or burning sensations in the rubbed areas on the body. This is normal and a sign that magnesium is absorbed into the skin tissue.


When Magnesium Oil is perceived as unpleasant after drying on the skin, it can easily be washed off with water. The contact time should however be at least 5 to 10 minutes.




In acute cramps Magnesium Oil is sprayed and rubbed directly on the painful area. Usually, the seizure resolves in a few seconds.




For athletes the rubbing of Magnesium Oil during training or competition or shortly afterwards has proven to work best with exercising muscles. The muscles are thus persevering and regenerate faster.
Put 5 to 10 sprays directly on the exercised muscles and gently massage in. The application can be repeated as needed during training or the competition, especially if seizures occur. The use of Magnesium Oil after muscular effort shortens recovery time of muscles.



A tingling sensation is natural upon first application and is a sign of magnesium deficiency; this will decrease as your magnesium levels increase.



If you are interested in Magnesium Oil Spray, you can find it here. After a lot of research, we have found a 100% natural without any additives. Before it arrives in the UK, it has to ripe for 2.5 years for full effect.


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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This information is for educational purpose only. It is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease.

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